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MaryeYvonnea Blakley

MaryeYvonnea Blakley Bmus/Efsumb/Phd

MaryeYvonnea Blakley Bmus/Efsumb/Phd

MaryeYvonnea Blakley


  • Karolinska Institute Stockholm,Sweden 1964-1968 BS Degree
  • Sonography Ph.d (Preventative Health Care Specialist
  • Karolinska Institute Stockholm,Sweden 1968-1970 MBA
  • Vascular Physics/Health Care Adminsistration
  • Karolinska Medical Institute,Stockholm,Sweden 1970-1974
  • Vascular Physics of Anatomy in the Human Body & Preventative
  • Healthcare Specialty PHD…not offered in USA..

Continued Education In USA

  • Gulf Coast Ultrasound Tampa, FL, Advanced Vascular Interpretation 1988
  • Kieth Mauney Institute continued education 124 credits Obstetrics 1992
  • Northwestern Medical University Chicago,IL 120 credits Intraoperative
  • Vascular Stint Placement 1994
  • Burwin Ultrasound Institute Canada Muscular Skeletal Specialty 1997
  • Burwin Ultrasound Institute Canada Echocardiology Specialty 1999
  • Almeda University & College Bosie, Id MBA/PHD 2005
  • MBA Business & Healthcare Administration.

Cancer research for 25 years and then retired from MD Anderson Hospital..Houston,Texas.

Opened U Care Health


This is a preventative healthcare company and during research I learned the value of early detection and prevention..Our goal at my offices is to find things early and fix them fast..We are saving more lives at my offices than we ever did at the hospital..cancer and other pathology does not cause symptoms until its advanced stages..getting your body imaged
regularly finds problems way before a person has symptoms..


This is mandated in socialized medicine, as these countries can not afford a country as sick as the USA, WHERE your insurance allows you to have exams paid only when you have symptoms. Instead of research on what will cure the stage 3 and 4 cancer patients, lets prevent it and if you do get it lets find it fast and you will be a survivor!

Other countries use ultrasound as the first line of defense in Emergency rooms and with the total body screenings of all organs and all blood flow.

This is what we do…and as a result we are saving lives.


And last but by no means least..KIDS DO GET CANCER..WE SCAN KIDS FREE with paid parents..Cancer wings of every hospital are full, and sadly the majority of them will not be saved! SYMPTOMS occur at late stage TO LATE!! Bring your kids in.

Also ladies you are 10 times more likely to have a heart attack are stroke than breast cancer! Come in see what your arterial age is and we can help your arteries get healthier and reverse the risk for strokes and heart attacks.

I am retired but living my dream finally helping people to live long and quality lives.., in the wonderful USA..


2801 Youngfield St. Suite 300 Golden Colorado | 806-473-8094