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Our new address is across the street from our old office.
3000 Youngfield St #187 Wheat Ridge, CO 80215

806-473-8094 for after-hours scheduling and questions are concerns.

We have a very nice large office on the ground floor. There is a racquetball court yea!!!! And a great gym and hot sauna.

Loretta Davis, certified lab tech and medical assistant, will be our receptionist.

Karrie Booth our soon to be graduate of the ultrasound school will be in one of the rooms. She is a certified massage therapist and cellulite body wraps and ion detoxing.

We will now offer labs..HDL, glucose, and triglycerides.


Colorado Health Screening

  • 3000 Youngfield St #187
    Wheat Ridge, CO 80215 Map
  • Tel: 806-473-8094

2801 Youngfield St. Suite 300 Golden Colorado | 806-473-8094